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Electronic media – the web, social media and email – provide effective and cost-efficient ways for small businesses and non-profits to reach out to customers, constituents and prospects. Whether your market reach is your local community or the world, Conewago Ventures can design a strategy tuned to your business’ or organization’s goals.

Conewago Ventures can provide a complete electronic media package tailored to your organization’s needs. We can develop your electronic media brand then implement that brand across your website, social media platforms and email campaigns. We also handle maintenance of your electronic media assets so that you can focus on your business.

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Connecting with your customers and prospects is the next step after reaching out to them. What are their interests? What does your business or organization offer that might be of interest to them?

Connecting means the start of a two-way conversation where mutual interests are identified and pursued. Your electronic media strategy should anticipate and plan for that connection. After reaching out, what will be your follow up to begin that conversation?

Harvard Business Review reported that 71% of all sales leads generated by companies are never followed up on! Much effort and expense goes into generating the leads, but most companies do not have a reliable plan for taking advantage of the leads that investment generates. Conewago Ventures will help you develop your plan for taking full advantage of every lead your electronic media strategy generates.




















Engaging your customers and prospects is the next step to building a long-term relationship. Having connected with them on one dimension, find other mutual interests and ways to engage them in your enterprise. Deepen and broaden the relationship.

As with connecting to your customers and prospects, engagement takes a plan and the commitment to follow through. Conewago Ventures can help you engage your customers and prospects. We can help with marketing surveys, focus groups and other techniques to drill down to find unfulfilled needs that your organization can fulfill. Then we’ll help you construct a plan to meet those needs.

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Conewago Ventures assists small businesses and non-profit organizations with electronic media strategy, website development and marketing. We have extensive experience with both small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Conewago Ventures is located near the headwaters of Conewago Creek in south central Pennsylvania. The name Conewago is derived from the Delaware Native American word "conewaugha" which means "at the place of rapids."

Non-profit organizations and small businesses are facing rapidly changing technology, economy and marketplace. Conewago Ventures has the background and experience to assist in navigating through these rapids. For more information, complete the contact form below.

















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